Academic Excellence

Preschool – 8th Grade & Beyond

Our strong liberal arts curriculum prepares our students for success in high school and beyond. As validation, high school leaders often tell us how well our students are prepared academically and socially for the rigors of high school.

Our goals for our daughter’s elementary and middle school education were that she be well rounded, a good citizen and someone who does the best to her abilities. We found Saint Thomas More was critical in achieving these goals. The academics, music, art, athletics, warmth and inclusivity of STM were foundational. She entered 9th grade confident and fully prepared for honors courses.


Test Scores

Our students consistently score well above state and national averages on standardized tests, with a significant number in the top five percentile in national and state comparisons. Top tier test scores reflect our commitment to helping every student reach his or her full academic potential while ensuring solid preparation for high school. 90% of our graduates test into honors level courses in high school.

Learning Styles

We understand that not all students learn the same way. To allow all students to reach their academic potential, our coursework is designed to accommodate various learning styles, interests and abilities.


Our students receive instruction in core content areas on a daily basis. Teachers also integrate these content areas within one another to strengthen learning and connections to daily life.

Language Arts

Reading and writing are a core part of every STM student’s day. As students develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, they learn the art of communication. Our students begin developing their speaking and presentation skills in kindergarten and continue to hone their skills by engaging in diverse writing and speaking opportunities through 8th grade. Mastering the art of communication leads to success in all subject areas.


Our innovative math curriculum begins with basic counting and continues through algebra and geometry. Our tiered teaching methodology promotes success among students who struggle and among those who work well above grade level. Our students become effective problem solvers, confident in their mathematical abilities and prepared for the world of tomorrow. 


Our students develop essential scientific skills by investigating our world. Students begin with basic biological concepts and expand to units on earth, life and physical sciences, ecology, astronomy, geology and health. Students practice the scientific process through experiments and lab work while developing critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. 

Social Studies

Social studies is essential in order to help students develop skills for living responsible and productive lives. Social studies incorporates geography, economics, and current events. Our students develop knowledge of people of many cultures and times. We strive to inspire students to become knowledgeable citizens who will participate in their communities.


All students, including our preschoolers, have classes taught by specialist teachers multiple times per week.


Our art curriculum fosters creativity and instills an appreciation of the visual arts. Studio art class promotes creative problem solving and thinking skills, while inspiring students to create original artwork through hands-on experiences using a variety of media. Viewing, analyzing, and creating unique works assists students in expanding their knowledge and enjoyment of art from different time periods and cultures.

Physical Education

Our program creates a genuine life-long appreciation of physical activity and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle. Physical education provides experiences that are relevant to all students in our school. We promote an attitude of sportsmanship and cooperation and encourage active participation to the best of one’s ability.

Library Media

Our library media program is an essential part of the curriculum and aids student learning.  Specifically, the library media program supports the academic curriculum, develops information and media literacy skills, promotes pleasure reading, and encourages students to be lifelong readers and learners. 


Performing, studying, and analyzing music allows for students to develop a life-long love and appreciation for all types of music. Students become musically literate by reading, writing, and creating. We promote the development of each students’ innate musicality, inspire students to fully explore the language of music, and build upon familiar music of our own culture, and music of the world.


Our Spanish program begins to prepare students to communicate successfully in a multilingual nation and world. The focus is on understanding, speaking and appreciating the Spanish language as well as exploring Hispanic cultures of the world.


Technology is in integral part of our curriculum and enhances student learning. Our technology program promotes safe, responsible use of technology and teaches necessary skills that students will develop and use throughout their lives. Students starting in 5th grade are given Chrome books for classwork at school. Younger students work on Chromebooks and iPads.